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WCBTour Membership



  • $120 Entry Fee (payable before qualifying shift at a Tour event or online)

  • Participate in 2 or more Tour Events (to be eligible for the Tour Championship)

  • Participate in Video Exposure of 5-Pin Bowling

  • More requirements to be released by contacting WCBT


  • Canadian 5 Pin Bowling Association rules will be followed unless stipulated by the WCBT or the host tournament.

  • Ruling for WCBT affiliated events in regards to WCBT points and awards

    • Due to the Western Canadian Bowling Tour promoting the professional side of 5 Pin Bowling, a ruling was made in regards to the use of bowling aids. Examples of these aids are listed:

      • Mechanical Wrist guards

      • The Bowling Stick

      • Bowling Ramps

      • Gutter Bumpers

    • Bowling aids are not eligible for WCBT points and awards unless it is due to Medical issues.  See note below:

    • Medical Aids due to injury are allowed to be used in competition for WCBT points and awards including joint, muscle and stabilization support as long as it is not an extension of the body

      • Exception is missing limb and/or amputation aids and these aids will be ruled on by the governing body of the WCBT on a case by case basis and will need to be brought to their attention 2 weeks prior to a WCBT affiliated event.

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