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WCBTour Championship 2022

2022 WCBTour Championship Episodes:

Match 1: Dexter Wiseman vs Mitch Davies

Match 2: Ryan O'Callaghan vs Mark Miller

Match 3: Adam Weber vs Jon Moens

Match 4: Tim Wiseman vs Bradly Tytgat

Match 5: Mitch Davies vs Len Anseth

Match 6: Ryan O'Callaghan vs Tyler Tytgat

Match 7: Adam Weber vs Karie Kreutz

Match 8: Tim Wiseman vs Derek Gall

Match 9: Karie Kreutz vs Tyler Tytgat

Match 10: Mitch Davies vs Tim Wiseman

Match 11 - FINALS - Mitch Davies vs Tyler Tytgat

When: August 13th, 2022

Where: Sherwood Bowl, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Who: Top 12 members of the WCBT based on Best 2 out 4 points system

after the 2022 Heritage Traditional will be invited to the Tour Championship

Format: Skins Pins Game Style, Bracketed single game elimination, money to be won each frame bowled.  Last competitor standing will be crowned Tour Champion

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